About Us

Unique Shades is a Panamanian company, keeping a family tradition for over 60 years, specializing in the design and manufacture of fine lampshades, for customers that require an exclusive and high quality product.

Our lamps and lampshades are all finely crafted by hand, meeting the highest standards of quality and using the best materials, specially imported, which always lead us to get the most neat and professional product.

We have a wide range of fabrics and laminated materials such as silks, linens, Burlaps, papers and parchments. In addition, we process your own fabric to obtain a unique decorative coordinated. Our extensive assortment of rings and frames allows the development of multiple shapes, sizes and styles.

In addition to our residential customers, we develop projects for famous designers, embassies, restaurants and major hotels. Whatever the case, we fit the needs, settings, preferences and specifications of each other and offer to everyone, our counseling staff and more attentions.

All these factors in short, allows our customers the freedom to express themselves, be creative and print their own personality into every product we make.